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Walking on Water

Based on Matthew 14:22-34

The diciples set sail across the lake leaving Jesus alone to pray. When a storm blows up the disciples fear for their lives until in the distance they see what appears to be a man walking towards them on the water.

Copyright Gavin Owen 2006

Jesus looked at his friends and he smiled as he said,
“It's been a long day, you should get home to bed.”

“We fed five thousand here today,
And healed all the sick folk who came this way.”

“Now off you go lads, don't worry about me,
Just get in the boat and sail out to sea.”

“I'll catch you up later, I'll travel by foot,
But just for now I need to stay put.”

So he waved goodbye as they sailed away
Then he went up a mountain and started to pray.

By the time it was dark and they were far from the shore
The friends heard the wind beginning to roar.

At first the sea was a little bit rough
But soon things started to get really tough.

Great waves threw the boat high into the air
And all of the friends began to despair.

One of them said, “Do something quick!
If it doesn't stop soon I'm going to be sick!”

But all they could do was hang on and pray
And believe help from God was on the way.

Then somebody asked, “What's that over there?”
And everyone turned and began to stare.

They saw in the distance what looked like a man
Walking over the sea as if it was land.

As the figure got nearer they could see his face
And then their hearts began to race.

“It's Jesus!” they said, “But how can this be?
Our friend is walking across the sea!”

“But he can't have walked all the way from the coast!
It can't be him, it must be a ghost!”

Then their hearts were filled with terror.
They didn't know they'd made an error.

But the one called Peter said to the rest,
“Let's find out if it's him, it's for the best.”

“Jesus,” yelled Peter, “if that's really you,
Will you do something to prove that it's true?”

“Help me do something that nobody ought to,
Tell me to come to you on the water.”

Jesus looked Peter straight in the eye
And “Come!” was all he said in reply.

So holding his breath Peter stepped from the boat
And to his amazement he started to float.

He took two steps forward, first left and then right,
Then a wave swept over him and filled him with fright.

He looked at his feet and he started to think,
“This is impossible! I ought to sink!”

As soon as he thought it he felt himself freeze
And suddenly the water was up to his knees.

By the time the water had reached his chest
Peter was feeling a little bit stressed.

“I've not been so scared in all of my years!”
He thought as the water came up to his ears

Then he looked up and saw Jesus walking to him
“Lord, save me!” he cried, “You know I can't swim!”

Jesus reached out his hand and caught hold of Pete,
Then he lifted his friend back onto his feet.

“Oh Peter,” sighed Jesus, “What was that all about?
Your faith is so small, oh why did you doubt?”

Meanwhile all around them the wind still rumbled,
Until into the boat the two of them tumbled.

Then suddenly the storm was gone in a flash
And the waves fell flat with hardly a splash.

Everyone looked at Jesus with wide open eyes,
But it really shouldn't have been a surprise.

Then they all said to Jesus, “You are the one,
Truly you are God's only Son.”