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The Nativitree

Based on Matthew 1-2; Luke 1-2

A poetic retelling of the Nativity story.

Copyright Gavin Owen 2004

Every year in the month of December
There's a story that we should remember

About the birth of a baby boy
Sent by God, to bring us joy

It started in a place called Galilee
Where Mary the virgin was a bride to be

She was sitting in her house, all alone
When suddenly an angel appeared in her home

She was scared, she was frightened, she was shaking too
But the angel said, “Mary, the Lord is with you”

He said “I bring good news, you're the chosen one,
You're going to have a baby, God's own son”

“You've got to call Him Jesus, He'll be the King,
And He'll rule forever over everything!”

“OK” said Mary “If God says so,
But how am I going to explain this to my boyfriend Joe?”

Well when Joseph heard the news it was too much to handle
But he didn't want to cause any scandal

So Joseph made plans for a quiet divorce
But God had other ideas, of course

“Fear not!” said the angel to Joe in a dream
“Let me explain what all of this means”

“I know this will sound a little bit odd
But Mary's baby boy is the Son of God.”

“Listen to me, swallow your pride,
Don't be afraid to make Mary your bride”

So Joseph began to make preparations
He ordered a cake and he sent invitations

Now the Emperor of Rome, Caesar Augustus,
Decided it was time that they had a census

So from his palace in the land of Italy
The Emperor issued this decree

“Count everyone in the Roman world
Every man, every woman, every boy and every girl

Write down their names, find out the facts
Tell me who should be paying my tax”

Everybody had to register in their home town
So the land was full of people travelling up and travelling down

They all had to pack up, to get up and go
They didn't have a choice, so Mary and Joe

Borrowed a donkey, waved goodbye and then
They headed off south to the town of Bethlehem

But when they got there, there was nowhere to stay
So they ended up sleeping where the animals lay

Mary's little baby boy was born that night
His mum and dad had never seen a lovelier sight

They laid him in a manger because they didn't have a bed
And they called the baby Jesus, just like the angel said

Now there were shepherds on the hillside, sitting on the ground
When an angel appeared and there was light all around

“Good news!” said the angel, “Go to Bethlehem,
For today the Son of God has come to men”

So the shepherds got up and they ran to the town
And when they saw Jesus, they all bowed down

Then they ran through the streets and they told everyone
“We've seen Christ the Lord, the King has come!”

Way up in the sky a star was shining bright
To tell the world the Saviour had been born that night

And from far in the east a group of wise men
Followed that star to Jerusalem

They were looking for a boy who was born to be king
So they went to King Herod and they told him everything

“Let me know where you find him”, the king said to them
“I think that he's somewhere in Bethlehem”

When the wise men found Jesus they gave him their presents
There was gold, there was myrrh and a bottle of incense

But they didn't tell Herod where Jesus was living
Because they knew that the King just wanted to kill him

Then the angel appeared in a dream once again
And told Joe to get out of Bethlehem

So Mary and Joseph and Jesus too
Ran away to Egypt til the danger was through

When King Herod died they were finally free
And they went back home to Nazareth in Galilee

And that's the story that we should remember
Every year in the month of December.