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The A to Z of Christmas

Based on Matthew 1-2; Luke 1-2

A poetic retelling of the Nativity story with scenes and characters made from confectionery.

Copyright Gavin Owen 2015

A is for the angel of annunciation
Who brought a young girl a rather startling revelation

B is for believe, which was easier said than done
When the angel told her, “You're going to have a son!”

C is for crisis, the inevitable result
When a fiancé learns of a baby that is definitely not his fault!

D is for the dream that Joseph had one night
When the angel of the Lord put the whole thing right

E is for the Emperor, Caesar Augustus
Who issued a decree that there should be a census

F is for finding out the full and final facts
The names of everyone who should be paying the Roman tax

G is for go, get back to your home town
To register your details and have them written down

H is for had enough
Which is how they felt by the time they'd journeyed to Bethlehem from Nazareth

I is for the inn, that had no rooms to spare
So they stayed amongst the animals and their boy was born right there

J is for Jesus, the name they gave God's son
Immanuel, the Prince of Peace, the everlasting one

K is for keeping watch over flocks of sheep that night
When an angel appeared in the sky above and the shepherds all took fright

L is for listen, Good News for you and all men
Tonight the Saviour of the world is born in Bethlehem

M is for the manger where this child can be found
Then a heavenly choir appeared and glory shone around

N is for now at once they hurried into town
And when they found the baby boy, the shepherds all bowed down

O is for the orient, which means the countries of the east
Where wise men saw a star and at last their waiting ceased

P is for pursue, as the star guided them
To the land of Israel, to the city of Jerusalem

Q is for the question they asked of Herod the king
Where is the child, the new-born king? We've come to worship him

R is for the reply King Herod gave to them
I'm told by my advisors you'll find him in Bethlehem

S is for set-off swiftly once again
To follow the star that shone once more and went ahead of them

T is for treasure chests filled with wondrous presents
A bag of gold, a box of myrrh and a bottle of frankincense

U is for unexpected, a different journey home
For God had warned them not to make the boy's location known

V is for vanish, get out of Israel
The angel said to Joseph, take your wife and child as well

W is for wait, in Egypt you must stay
Until the danger's gone, when Herod's passed away

X is for the cross, this sweet child's destiny
Where he would choose to go, to die for you and me

Y is the question we should ask this Christmas season
Why was all this done for me? Whatever was the reason?

Because ...

Z is the end … the end he made to pain and death and sin
Now he waits in heaven and if you knock he'll let you in